Title Date Instrumentation Duration
Indigo 1997 piano four hands 3m
Dream Kingdom 1998 piano and alto voice 9m
Monsters 1999 flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon 7m
String Quartet No. 1 1999 2 violins, viola, cello, piano 20m
Time and Space 2000 piano and violin 7m
021c 2001 trumpet, piano 5m
Moto 2001 chamber ensemble 10m
Aniela’s Rhapsody 2003 cello, piano 8m
18th and Mississippi 2004 film score
maid 2005 solo piano 75m
Music for Two Cellos and Twenty-Four Televisions 2006 two cellos, electronics, 24 televisions, edited found footage 50m
One Big Lie (Musical Theater Score) 2006 piano, clarinet, violin, viola musical
Music for String Quartet and Piano 2007 2 violins, viola, cello, piano 45m
Ipos 2009 chamber ensemble 12m
Olga the Headless Girl 2009 piano, video and electronics 9m
L5R trailer 2009 2m
2 Weird Happenings in Haarlem 2010 speaking pianist 8m
Cyborg 2010 solo contrabass clarinet 8m
Farmakeia 1 2010 two pianos 10m
Gargoyles 2010 clarinet, horn, piano, choreography 7m
Object Collection 2010 cello and piano (one player) 7m
Three Pieces for Piano 2010 solo piano 7m
Additions 2010 solo piano 32m
Shotgun Diaries, ep. 1 2010 episode
Blood 2011 solo piano 12m
Bone Yard 2011 for clarinet, oboe, flute, bassoon, piano 6m
Cube for solo Tuba 2011 solo tuba 3m
Farmakeia 2 2011 two pianos 10m
The Banks on the Marne at Dawn 2011 solo trumpet 11m
A Constatnly Increasing distance 2012 oboe, bassoon, piano 6m
Calartian Souvenirs 2012 clarinet, piano 13m
All My Rainbows Have Babies Inside 2012 piano, electronics 5m
Farmakeia 3 2012 two pianos 10m
Trick 2012 solo contrabass clarinet 4m
Evolution 2012 orchestra 3m

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